Refined Fuels

Sourcing product from select Ohio terminals. We offer cost effective unbranded product that meets or exceeds all federal guidelines without price bump of a branded product.


87, 89 , 91 , 93 Octane with 10% Ethanol

Power-Max® Premium Diesel

We deliver only Premium Diesel. Specially formulated to exceed EMA recommendations and continuously lab tested, Power-Max® Premium Diesel provides increased performance and reliability year-round. Power-Max® Premium Diesel is field proven to restore and maintain diesel engines to their original rated horsepower.

Winterized Power-Max® Premium Diesel

Cold weather operability is paramount during winter months. In addition to all the benefits of Power-Max® Premium Diesel, Winterized Power-Max® Premium Diesel typically offers the user a 12-24º cloud point below that of standard ULSD #2 Diesel.

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We offer custom fuel solutions for businesses, farms, and homes in every industry, so you can focus on what matters most.